12 Piece Collection

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An assortment of 12 meticulously hand crafted bon bons with an exploration of flavors 

In this box 

  • Passionfruit Caramel
  • Calamansi Lime Caramel
  • Twin Peaks Eureka Lemon, Clover Sonoma Yogurt Ganache, Full Belly Farm Walnut Praline
  • Coconut Caramel with Yuzu Kosho
  • Nixtamalized Oaxacan Corn Tortilla Ganache, Lime, Bremner Farms Almond & Corn Praline
  • Fiddyment Farms Pistachio Ganache, Pistachio Praline, Lime Gelée
  • Strawberry-Lychee Ganache, Ketjap Manis
  • Twin Peaks Orchards Mandarin Pate de Fruit, White Miso Ganache
  • Guava Jam, Nancy's Cream Cheese Ganache
  • Breakaway Matcha Ganache, Black Sesame Praline
  • Freddy Guys Hazelnut & Cocoa Nib Praline, Soft Caramel
  • Rascoe Orchards Pecan Praline, Bulleit Rye Whisky Ganache
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